State Representative Jared Patterson Appointed to Texas Cybersecurity Council

January 27, 2020

State Representative Jared Patterson released the following statement on his recent appointment to the Texas Cybersecurity Council:

Online cyber-attacks are an insidious danger to both our public and private institutions. These attacks threaten to compromise our state and national security, the integrity of our elections, and the personal data of Texans.

With members of both the public and private sectors, the Texas Cybersecurity Council was established by state law in recent years to meet this growing challenge by shaping the cybersecurity posture of our great state.

I’m honored to be appointed by Speaker Bonnen to the Cybersecurity Council as its sole statutory member from the Texas House of Representatives. I look forward to working to find the most innovative and cost-effective solutions to face this growing challenge head-on, and to protecting our state’s institutions from the ever-growing threat of online cyber-attacks.