I am against every abortion. The Texas legislature has recently worked to remove abortion from healthcare plans and from receiving state funding, which was a good first step. I would work towards further ending abortion in culture and law.


Texans deserve the strongest borders. You deserve safe communities and a state government that never subsidizes illegal immigrants with your money. I will fight any dime sent to sanctuary cities and work to end in-state tuition for illegal immigrants.

Property Taxes

I want property rights to mean something for Texas families. Let’s reform the current government-run appraisal system, input a spending standard related to population growth plus inflation and ensure that Texans can keep their homes safe from the tax collector.

Business Taxes

Business taxes and regulations need to be cut. Ending the Business Margins Tax is a top priority. Taxing someone who might not even be making a profit is absurd. I want to eliminate business taxes so that the money saved turns into jobs. I will work to eliminate this tax, and many others, as soon as possible. Every tax should be presumed guilty until proven absolutely necessary.


As a City Councilman, I made the city justify every dollar every year. Every government should be asking whether tax money is critically needed, since every dollar comes out of your pocket. I pledge to work on eliminating waste and accounting gimmicks to legitimately balance the budget as called for in the Texas Constitution.


I support Texas students and teachers. It’s past time for real reforms that put more money into classrooms while also reducing the property tax burden. We should end the over-testing of our students and free school districts from burdensome regulations that increase administrators. We also need to treat failing schools as a state crisis and work to fix and save every school.

Family Values

Strong family values lead to strong communities, better educated children, and a stable economy. Bathroom privacy, as one example, is common-sense legislation which gives Texas businesses immunity from left-wing lawyers, the right to decide their own policies, and fully protects our children in all state buildings. I will always vote to protect the unborn, to protect family values, and protect families from the government.

The 2nd Amendment

I support Constitutional Carry. It is unacceptable that the state charges you a fee and mandates a class before you can protect yourself, your family or your property.

Role of Government

As stated in the US Declaration of Independence, our rights come from God, not government. Our rights as parents and citizens should reign over government policies as we work to eliminate laws which seek to usurp our God-given right to govern ourselves. When I am sent to Austin, I will remind the politicians and bureaucrats of this at every turn.


America is the greatest nation in the history of the world. It got there by God's grace and the sacrifice of the American soldier. I honor and appreciate the service of our military community and will fight to ensure that when promises are made, promises are kept.


Traffic is already at unsustainable levels, and we have a lot of growth on the way. Highway 380, the North Dallas Tollway and 121 are major corridors in HD 106. I'll fight for transparency and accountability on tollway authorities and work with TXDOT to make sure 380 remains a priority.

Unfunded Mandates

I want greater transparency in state laws which push unfunded mandates on our local communities. This huge cost regardless of practicality is a major issue for our local communities.