January 3, 2023

(Austin, TX) – Today, State Representative Jared Patterson filed HB 1155 to prohibit public school classroom instruction on gender identity or sexual orientation from kindergarten through eighth grade. This legislation would restrict all classroom lessons and discussions on the issue of an individual’s sexual preference or gender identity until high school, thereby protecting the youngest and most vulnerable children from unscientific, inaccurate, and inappropriate information.

Furthermore, HB 1155 would ensure parental rights remain at the forefront by giving parents the transparency on information regarding mental, emotional, physical health, and health-related services. This legislation also includes a requirement that any health questionnaire or screening provided to a student must be distributed to a parent first and allow parents to the opportunity to decline health-related services offered throughout the school year.

“The sexualization of our children must stop. Parents and taxpayers have spoken loudly over the past year-plus. The message is no more radical ideology in the classroom – particularly when it comes to inappropriate or obscene content.” stated Rep. Patterson. “Given what we’ve uncovered, this bill is needed to provide parents with the maximum transparency and control over health-related services in our schools.”

Jared Patterson represents House District 106, which encompasses the eastern portion of Denton County. During his legislative tenure, Patterson has authored and passed initiatives in policy areas such as transportation, public education, elections, and property taxes. During the 87th Legislative Session, he played a critical role in the passage of legacy reforms such as the Texas Heartbeat Act and Constitutional Carry. He has also worked diligently to support first responders, eliminate unnecessary and burdensome government regulations, and protect pets. Patterson serves on the House Committees on Business & Industry, Calendars, and Homeland Security & Public Safety. He also serves on the Texas Cybersecurity Council. His family resides in Frisco.