February 10, 2021

For Immediate Release
February 9, 2021

(Austin, TX) – For nearly two decades, Texas has led the nation in job creation and economic growth. Policies like lowering taxes and decreasing regulation combined with a stable legal environment has pushed Texas forward as the envy of a great nation. In doing so, we have fueled a massive expansion of small businesses, allowing Texans to risk their fortunes on their ideas and their ingenuity.

However, over the past year too many small businesses have been forced to close, some permanently. So many Texans have lost their lives because of this virus, but they have not been the only casualties. Losing a job or a business can cost more than just a paycheck; it can cost your healthcare, your housing, your education, your retirement, and your pride.

Representative Patterson has offered the following statement regarding HJR 85:

“There can be no doubt that our challenges over the past year have been incredible. I am grateful for Governor Abbott’s leadership during this pandemic. He has continued to navigate an unprecedented and seemingly impossible situation by prioritizing the health of Texans. Even here in Denton County, we’ve seen strong leadership at the county and local level. However, the same may not be said about all executives.

Moreover, through any crisis you undoubtedly learn many lessons. I filed HJR 85 to protect lawful Texas businesses from government-enforced closures in the future. No one person at any level of government should have that authority. Moving forward, I want business owners and employees in Texas to know their judgement will be trusted and their rights will be protected.”

If passed by the legislature, HJR 85 would be considered in a constitutional amendment election to be held on November 2, 2021 and would allow voters to decide if prohibiting the operations of businesses is a power state or local governments should possess.

Jared Patterson represents House District 106, which encompasses the eastern portion of Denton County. Patterson serves on the House Committees on Business & Industry, Calendars, and Homeland Security & Public Safety. He also serves on the Texas Cybersecurity Council. He and his family reside in Frisco.