$5 Billion in Property Tax Relief

Increased the state’s share of education funding to buy down property tax rates on an ongoing basis. Worked to require districts to conduct efficiency audits, ensuring taxpayer dollars are being used responsibly.


(Austin, TX) – Speaker Dade Phelan announced committee assignments for Texas House Members on Wednesday, February 8th. Representative Jared Patterson was reappointed to the powerful Calendars Committee and appointed to serve on the Committee on Licensing & Administrative Procedures and the Committee on Transportation.

The Calendars Committee is responsible for setting bills for a vote by the entire House. Every House and Senate bill must pass through the House Calendars Committee to be taken up for a vote by the Texas House of Representatives, making it the most influential committee in the legislature.

The Committee on Licensing & Administrative Procedures oversees a wide range of regulated businesses. Examples of which are gaming industries and the sale of alcoholic beverages. Commonly referred to as LAP, the committee oversees numerous state agencies such as the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, Texas Real Estate Commission, and the Texas Racing Commission.

The Committee on Transportation is tasked with matters pertaining to the regulation of motor vehicles, railroads, airports, water transportation, the Texas Highway System, and the oversight of state agencies such as the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, Texas Department of Transportation, and the Texas Transportation Commission.

“I am grateful for Speaker Phelan’s faith and trust in me.” stated Rep. Patterson. “Serving on these important committees will give the residents of eastern Denton County a big say on matters important to them and to the entire State of Texas.”


Jared Patterson represents House District 106, which encompasses the eastern portion of Denton County. He serves on the House Committees on Calendars, Transportation, and Licensing & Administrative Procedures. He is a member of the House Republican Caucus, the Criminal Justice Reform Caucus and the Texas Aggie Caucus and serves on the Texas Cybersecurity Council. He and his family reside in Frisco.

School Funding

Prioritized students and teachers by providing $4.5 billion in increased funding for our schools, providing $2 billion for teacher pay raises, and reducing the unfair Robin Hood tax system by $3.6 billion.

Human Trafficking

Imposed reforms to train first responders and school personnel to recognize human trafficking and increased penalties for those caught in the act.

Border Security

Directed almost $2 billion dollars to secure the border and support border enforcement efforts over two terms including $1.1B border security spending for the next two years.

Tollway Reform

Authored House Bill 803, the only tollway accountability bill of the session. Signed into law by Governor Abbott, this new law requires tolling entities to make certain financial data clear and transparent to the public.

Highway 380 Improvements

Created the Make 380 Safe Task Force comprised of area residents, Denton County and the Texas Department of Transportation to improve safety conditions along the corridor. Established a dual left turn lane from FM 1385 onto Highway 380, installed a new traffic signal at Magnolia and Highway 380 and installed a new crosswalk on FM 2931 to Providence Elementary.

The Sanctity of Life

Banned abortion after a detectable heartbeat through the Heartbeat Bill, passed an end to all abortions in Texas if the Supreme Court overturns Roe vs. Wade, banned taxpayer-funded abortions, implemented the Texas Born-Alive Infant Protection Act, and increased funding for the Alternatives to Abortion program.

Religious Liberty

Protected churches from forced closures during emergencies like the recent pandemic.

2nd Amendment

Passed Constitutional Carry in Texas to allow open or concealed carry to all adults not otherwise prohibited from carry a handgun without a government license. Passed a dozen pro-2nd Amendment bills over two terms and supported other measures to strengthen the constitutional rights of law-abiding Texans especially making Texas a Second Amendment Sanctuary which prohibits the state from enforcing restrictive federal gun laws.


Passed a ban on Surprise Medical Billing ensuring no patient receives an outrageous out-of-network medical bill from an in-network procedure. Improved prescription drug price transparency to eliminate large price increases on medicines.

Cancer Research

Helped pass a bill to fund the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas, in order to allow them to continue their work to prevent and find cures for cancer.