House Passes Toll Transparency Legislation Authored by Rep. Jared Patterson

May 7, 2019

On Tuesday, May 7, the Texas House of Representatives gave final assent to Rep. Jared Patterson’s HB 803, a transparency bill that requires all Texas toll entities to report data on their websites separate from often lengthy comprehensive annual financial reports. The measure will help shine a light on the activities of toll entities, including information such as the final maturity of all bonds issued, toll revenue by toll project, surplus revenue, and capital improvement plans.

“I’m greatly appreciative for the unanimous support of my House colleagues in passing HB 803,” said Representative Patterson. “We need to focus on how to spotlight critical pieces of information for drivers, so they have a better understanding of the toll burden in an area, how their tolls are being spent, and when the tolls might come off. That’s what HB 803 accomplishes.”

The legislation will lead to tolling entities posting more concise and easily-accessible reports on their websites. HB 803 will now advance to the Senate for consideration.

Elected in November, Patterson’s district encompasses eastern Denton County, and contains three different toll projects. Rep. Patterson serves on the Business & Industry, Urban Affairs, and Resolutions Calendars committees. His family resides in Frisco.