Straus Quits

By November 1, 2017 Campaign News


For years, conservatives in the Texas House have been silenced by Speaker Joe Straus and his lieutenants.  However, it’s a new day!  I am pleased to report to you that Speaker Straus and Chairman Cook announced today that they will not be seeking re-election this cycle! Texans will finally have a new Speaker!

This next legislative session will be the most important session in more than a decade – as we force the conservative agenda to forefront.  I pledge to you today that I will fight to elect the most conservative Speaker possible so that we can finally end abortion, institute constitutional carry, reform the broken property tax system and end taxpayer subsidies to illegal immigrants.

Please help me get to the House by contributing $50, $100 or even $250 TODAY! Let’s not waste this opportunity to exercise the strength of the grassroots conservatives in Texas!


Jared Patterson

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