August 25, 2021

(Austin, TX) – On Tuesday evening, State Representative Jared Patterson was made aware that Denton ISD had instituted a mask mandate for all students, faculty, and visitors when social distancing is not possible.  In response to this news, Representative Patterson reiterated his stance against mask mandates, as this is a personal decision and should never be forced.

His position mirrors Executive Order No. GA-38, which was released by Governor Abbott on July, 29, 2021. This EO was issued to provide clarity and uniformity and to assure Texans that the continued mitigation of COVID-19 will not be handled with government mandates.

Each individual has the right and responsibility to decide when and if they will wear a mask and no governmental entity, including schools, has the authority to supersede the EO. Any entity that decides to do so, will be taken to court and held accountable. Regarding recent acts of defiance against the EO, Attorney General Ken Paxton stated, “I’m confident the outcomes to any suits will side with liberty and individual choice, not mandates and government overreach.”

In addition to supporting the EO, Representative Patterson also supports HB 141 by Representative Leach, which prohibits K-12 students from being required to wear a mask. “From the very beginning of the pandemic, I have advocated for the ability of Texans to decide for themselves whether or not they will wear a mask, shut down their businesses, or receive the vaccine. To this day, I stand strong in those beliefs. I support the EO and Representative Leach’s bill, and will never approve of any requirement, from any entity, that states otherwise,” stated Representative Patterson.

Jared Patterson represents House District 106, which encompasses the eastern portion of Denton County. During the 86th Legislative Session, Patterson authored and passed initiatives in policy areas such as transportation, education, property taxes, as well as eliminated unnecessary and burdensome government regulations. Patterson serves on the House Committees on Business & Industry, Calendars, and Homeland Security & Public Safety. He also serves on the Texas Cybersecurity Council. His family resides in Frisco.