Rep. Jared Patterson Joint Authors Bill for Property Tax Relief

March 14, 2019

Representative Jared Patterson has joined bill author Representative Tom Oliverson M.D. to file monumental legislation addressing property taxes. HB 2537 would allocate ninety percent of the state revenue surplus toward offsetting the public school maintenance and operations tax. As a result, this bill could lead us down a path to a 50% property tax reduction and Robin Hood elimination over the next decade.

“Our greatest priority this session is to take concrete action to lower property taxes,” Rep. Patterson said. “I believe that HB 2537 will help compliment the efforts of both HB 2 & HB 3, and provide real property tax relief for homeowners throughout Texas. I’m honored to partner with Rep. Oliverson on this crucial legislation.”

Property taxes have rapidly increased in Texas – significantly faster than increases in household income. Roughly 55% of property tax revenue is levied by public school districts, mostly for operations and ongoing maintenance costs. HB 2537 would restrain the state spending growth and divert ninety percent of the surplus from the general state revenue towards reducing public school maintenance and operations taxes.

Elected in November, Patterson’s district encompasses eastern Denton County. Rep. Patterson serves on the Business & Industry, Urban Affairs, and Resolutions Calendars committees. His family resides in Frisco.