March 1, 2021

For Immediate Release
March 1, 2021

(Austin, TX) – Representative Jared Patterson filed HB 1818, which seeks to clarify lawful commercial pet sales for cats and dogs in Texas by only allowing pet stores to sell a dog or cat if they obtained the animal from an animal control agency, an animal shelter, an animal rescue organization, or a licensed breeder.

In addition to clarifying definitions of establishments allowed to conduct pet sales, HB 1818 also requires pet stores to maintain records as to where the animal was obtained from for at least a year. Potential pet owners will also be made aware of where the dog or cat was received from, as a public posting providing such information must be affixed near the dog or cat’s enclosure. Arguably most important, this legislation also establishes a civil penalty for pet stores that violate this section.

Patterson stated, “An estimated 2 million puppies sold annually across the U.S. originate from puppy mills while 2-3 million puppies and cats are euthanized by pet shelters every year. Commercially bred dogs often live in horrendous conditions and suffer from an array of illnesses, often unknown to the consumer. Although 24 out of the 25 top pet stores already adhere to the humane model, Texas must enforce a minimum standard so that new pet owners can rest assured knowing that their dog or cat was raised and treated with care.”

Jared Patterson represents House District 106, which encompasses the eastern portion of Denton County. During the 86th Legislative Session, Patterson authored and passed initiatives in policy areas such as transportation, education, property taxes, as well as eliminated unnecessary and burdensome government regulations. Patterson serves on the House Committees on Business & Industry, Calendars, and Homeland Security & Public Safety. He also serves on the Texas Cybersecurity Council. His family resides in Frisco.